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Billion-Crown Government Subsidy To Support Environmental Projects

A government subsidy of more than a billion crowns will support energy savings and better water management in public buildings, according to Environment Ministry spokeswoman Dominika Pospisilova in a press release today.

The subsidy is financed from the National Recovery Plan and will contribute to projects in more than 70 Czech villages.

“Energy savings and using renewable resources are reliable means of lowering our overall consumption. It is therefore even more encouraging that we can now provide claimants with another billion crowns in the form of a subsidy passed for these types of projects,” said Environment Minister Anna Hubackova (KDU-CSL).

The recently approved package applies to 36 projects dealing with energy savings in public buildings, which will receive the subsidy through the National Programme for the Environment (NPE). The applicants, including villages and high schools, will receive CZK 744 million in total. The money will be used for reconstructing a municipal authority building, a museum, adapting buildings for the climate change and other projects.

Another part of the approved subsidy totalling tens of million of crowns will aim at environmental education, building domestic sewage treatment plants, and researching the protection of drinkable water sources. The current subsidy package will support almost 90 projects in total.

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