The recent fire was the largest in Czech history, but the danger is not yet averted. Credit: HZSCR Ustecky kraj.

Drones Discover Danger of New Fire in České Švýcarsko

Drones have detected six locations with newly increased temperatures in the České Švýcarsko National Park, only recently devastated by a huge wildfire, according to Lukas Marvan, spokesman for the Usti regional fire service, speaking to journalists today.

The at-risk areas are near the Pravcicka brana narrow rock formation (Pravcice Gate, a national nature monument), Gabrielina stezka, and Borovy dul valley.

Firefighters are currently dousing the dangerous places with water, said Marvan said, adding that the night had been calm.

On Friday afternoon, the national park administration took back control of the last area where the fire was extinguished. The largest wildfire in the history of the Czech Republic started on 24 July.

Firefighters have been leaving the České Švýcarsko area since the beginning of last week. In all, roughly 6,000 staff have rotated in the battle to extinguish the fire.

The areas are now being monitored by volunteer firefighters. In the village of Mezni Louka, a makeshift fire station has been created. There are 40 professional firefighters on the scene; according to Marvan, they rotate every 24 hours.

On the German side of the border, where the fire continues, the Hrensko border crossing has remained closed. Police spokeswoman Eliska Kubickova told CTK today that according to the latest information, the border crossing might reopen later today.

Since Saturday morning, locals have been allowed to return to the evacuated villages of Hrensko, Mezna and Mezni Louka. A permit is required to enter the area.

There are about 80 houses in the area of ​​Mezna and Mezni Louka, two-thirds of which are weekend houses. The road between Hrensko and Mezni Louka is still closed.

On Friday, the Environment Ministry extended restrictions on entry to the České Švýcarsko National Park until the end of the summer holidays.