Electra focuses on the acceptance of one's own body and one's relationship to sexuality. Credit: Maurfilm.com.

Film By Darya Kashcheyeva of FAMU Wins Short Film Section at Toronto Film Festival

Electra, directed by Darya Kashcheyeva, a student at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) in Prague, has won the short film section at the Toronto Film Festival.

Kashcheyeva was previously nominated for an Oscar with her previous short film Daughter, which won a number of awards.

Electra focuses on the acceptance of one’s own body and one’s relationship to sexuality, told from the perspective of a young woman and against the backdrop of childhood memories, Kashcheyeva said earlier.

In the film, as with Daughter, the director works with puppets, which she combines with pixilation, a technique that uses actors as objects for animation.


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