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Flood Alert Declared At Over 40 Places In The Czech Republic Following Heavy Rain

Heavy rains have once again raised the levels of many rivers in the Czech Republic, with over 40 locations reporting one of the three degrees of flood alert early this morning, the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMU) announced on its website today.

The highest third degree warning was declared on the Labe (Elbe) River in Vestrev, east Bohemia, and on the Otava River in Rejstejn, west Bohemia. Several dozen other places declared the second or first (lowest) degree of flood warning.

In the Sumava, Krkonose, and Jizera mountain ranges, a heavy rain warning is valid until Thursday morning, and a warning against flooding of rivers until further notice.

The Otava in Rejstejn near Klatovy reached the third degree of flood danger before 3am this morning, and is now fluctuating between the third and second degrees. The Labe River in Vestrev near Trutnov has been on the third degree since 4am.

The second degree of flood alert is in application on the Cidlina River in the Hradec Kralove Region, on the Vltava River in the UNESCO-listed Cesky Krumlov in the South Bohemia Region, on the Otava River in Susice and the Kremelna River in the Plzen Region, and on the Bilina River in the Usti Region.

“During the day, precipitation will be more frequent in the mountains, so fluctuations in water levels can still be expected in the mountain and foothill areas around the first and second degree of flood activity,” the CHMU said.

Meteorologists forecast heavy rains in the South Bohemian Region around Cesky Krumlov, Prachatice and Vimperk, in the Plzen Region in the Susice and Klatovy areas, in the Liberec Region around Jilemnice and Tanvald, and in the Hradec Kralove Region in the vicinity of Trutnov and Vrchlabi until Thursday morning.

Due to the rains and significant warming, which caused the melting of snow, the water levels of several rivers in the Czech Republic were already rising before Christmas Eve, and around 170 places reported some degree of flood warning during the Christmas holidays.

Flood Alert Declared At Over 40 Places In The Czech Republic Following Heavy Rain
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