Most of the flights will be operated by Smartwings. Credit: Čedok.

Čedok Launches Summer Season of Charter Flights From Brno With Over 20 Destinations

The start of the summer season is starting, with record interest in travel to many destinations as well as high demand for departures from regional airports. Yesterday, charter tours company Čedok launched its season with the first charter flights from its base in Brno-Tuřany to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, on an almost fully occupied Boeing 737. 

The travel agency, in cooperation with Brno Airport, held a ceremonial launch of its season and announced several new destinations which will be served with direct flights from Tuřany during the summer, including the first ever flights from Brno to the Portuguese island of Madeira. There will also be new flights to Albania, and Taba on Egypt’s Sinai peninsula has been re-added as a destination after a long break. Čedok will also offer tours to Montenegro, Calabria in Italy, Djerba and others.

Čedok launched its summer season yesterday. Credit: Čedok.

“This season, we have decided to expand the offer of departures from all Czech regional airports and to prepare new destinations for the summer as well as the most popular ones,” said Miroslav Kubáč, director of charter tours at Čedok. “The biggest expansion will take place at Brno airport, from where all 20 destinations will take off over the coming weeks.” Kubáč said that interest in tours from Brno is currently 85% higher than last year. 

Tourists can also continue flying from Brno to some of the most popular summer destinations in Greece, including Crete, Corfu, Kos, Zakynthos and Rhodes. This will newly include the island of Thassos, with flights to the nearby Kavala airport on the mainland. Turkey is also one of the best-selling destinations in 2023, with direct flights to Antalya on the Turkish Riviera, and other flights include Mallorca and Bulgaria.

According to Radek Lang, head of the transport operations section at Brno Airport, there will be flights from Brno to a total of 29 destinations, four of which are brand new. Most of the flights will be operated by Smartwings, which has based a Boeing 737 at Brno-Tuřany for up to 189 passengers in economy class, for exclusive use by Čedok throughout the summer season. Additional seats are ordered by the travel agency on regular or other shared charter flights. The travel agency will also cooperate with Air Montenegro, with a new direct connection to that country.

Map. Credit: Čedok.

This article was previously posted on Brno Daily.