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New Cultural Concept for Prague Will Offer Thematic Workshops, Quizzes and Non-Traditional Walks

Prague’s official guide services and educational activities are introducing a new program planning system for the public, under the banner of “Pragensia viva”. Every three months, there will be a new central theme, which is then projected into all activities, such as local history walks, lectures, and workshops, with the goal of exhibiting Prague through stories and presenting its spirit in an engaging way. 

The winter period is symbolically dedicated to the snowflake, while spring will be themed in the spirit of contemporary and historical transport, in reference to the 50th anniversary of the opening of metro line C, developments in transport infrastructure, and newly created tram lines. The new concept will also incorporate themed workshops, literary evenings, special events for children, and walks interpreted in sign language.

“We are adjusting our program according to the seasons. This month’s theme is the snowflake and the story of J. Kepler, who was supposedly walking on the Charles Bridge when it was snowing and thought about the six-pointed shape of snowflakes,” explained David Kocánek, program manager of Pragensia viva. “We offer the citizens of Prague unique winter tours of the Hvězda summer house, walks in the footsteps of J. Kepler, a lecture about the snowflake in fine art, stargazing from the Štefánik observatory, and many other events outside the historic centre of Prague.”

“For the spring, we set ourselves the goal of unifying the theme of our activities according to important realities and upcoming events in the field of Prague transport,” said the director of Pragensia viva, Pavla Bartásková. “We want to show the city to the people of Prague, not only from the point of view of an ordinary tourist, but to go even deeper and explore how the city works.”

This year, Pragensia viva will also be dedicated to the memory of Franz Kafka, in the form of a themed tram, local history walks, and lectures. Another big theme in this year’s program will be ‘Accessible Prague’, with instructions and tips for outings for disabled people or mothers with prams. Walks interpreted in sign language will also be held. The program will also include the neighbourhoods of Prague, and tips on lesser-known subways and passages. Connoisseurs of Prague will be able to compare their knowledge of the city with a quiz, for which registration is already open on the website.

More information on the initiative and its full programme is available at the website:

New Cultural Concept for Prague Will Offer Thematic Workshops, Quizzes and Non-Traditional Walks
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