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Villa Tugendhat Lego Model Set To Go On Sale From February

There is significant anticipation surrounding the Villa Tugendhat Lego models, which will be made available for purchase at the end of January. Although 50 models have already been ordered, the online waiting list includes a total of 250 interested buyers, as revealed yesterday by Zbynek Solc, Director of Villa Tugendhat. “We would like to present the first LEGO model as a gift to Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova,” said Solc, speaking with Brno Daily yesterday.

Expressing his passion for Lego, Solc explained, “For the past two years, since assuming my role, I endeavoured to contact Lego through various channels to request the creation of a Villa model. Unfortunately, our efforts were in vain.” 

However, during the opening of the renovated main building of the Vienna City Museum last year, Solc encountered a Lego model of their building crafted by the Austrian company ViennaBrick. This led the Brno City Museum to establish contact with the company, resulting in the decision to create a Lego model of the UNESCO-listed Brno villa. “While not part of any official Lego series, the model is crafted from genuine Lego bricks,” said Solc. Special packaging for the model was commissioned in the Czech Republic. 

Featuring 315 parts, the models are compact in size. Solc explained that, “we wanted something easily portable, considering that visitors from abroad wouldn’t want to carry bulky gifts in their luggage when coming to visit the villa.” 

The Tugendhat model will be on sale at the villa itself, serving as a unique souvenir for visitors. As Solc noted, “We were pleasantly surprised by the immediate interest from the public, despite the relatively high price.” It is still possible to register on the waiting list, but the delivery time is expected to be extended. The Lego set is priced at CZK 2,990 Czech crowns.

Villa Tugendhat Lego Model Set To Go On Sale From February
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