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Government’s Economic Council Recommends Regulated Cannabis Market

The Czech government’s National Economic Council (NERV) has again recommended the introduction of a legal regulated cannabis market in the Czech Republic, within its proposal of 37 measures to boost economic growth in the country, released on Tuesday.

“Criminal rates and sentencing principles should be adjusted. In the area of drug policy, a legal regulated cannabis market should be introduced,” NERV stated.

The council said a repressive approach to drugs is a burden on the budget and does not translate into reduced consumption or harm reduction.

NERV previously recommended the regulation of the cannabis market in November 2022, in its first collection of measures recommended to lower state expenditures and increase income.

A bill to establish regulations for a strictly controlled cannabis market is under preparation by national anti-drug policy coordinator Jindrich Voboril. The Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) are against such changes.

A regulated cannabis market would bring in at least CZK 2.5 billion to the state in VAT and excise tax, according to NERV.

Voboril has long advocated for regulation based on the harmfulness of individual substances, including alcohol and tobacco.

At a meeting of experts two weeks ago, Voboril presented the first version of the cannabis bill, based on the assignment of the coalition government. This version does not include the introduction of a regulated cannabis market.

Government’s Economic Council Recommends Regulated Cannabis Market
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