The new tram line, including the loop, is fully compliant with the spatial plan. Credit: ZM / BD.

Prague Plans To Build New Tram Line From Dědina to Nádraží Dlouhá Míle

Prague Council has approved the start of the preparation of the new tram line from Dědina to Nádraží Dlouhá Míle. The Prague Transport Company (DPP) will provide project documentation, subsequent permits for construction, tender the contractor and carry out the construction in coordination with the City of Prague’s Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) and the Technical Communications Administration (TSK). Construction of the new tram line at Nádraží Dlouhá Míle is scheduled to begin in 2027.

“In connection with the recently started modernization of the existing railway line from Masaryk station to Kladno, the beginning of the construction of the branch from Ruzyně to Václav Havel Airport Prague is approaching,” said Zdeněk Hřib, First Deputy Mayor of Prague for Transport and Chairman of the DPP Supervisory Board. “It will lead through the Dlouhá Míle location near the Šestka shopping centre. Since in a few months we will put into operation a new tram line from Divoká Šárka to Dědina, which will end just a few hundred metres from this important future terminal, it is therefore appropriate to start the project preparation of the next extension of the line, which will cross the Prague ring road and end right at the future railway station, bus terminal and P+R facility. Our goal is that both rail means of transport start serving this area at the same time.” 

The intention of the tram line Dědina – Nádraží Dlouhá Míle is in accordance with the city’s Sustainable Mobility Plan, as well as the Strategy for the Development of Tram Lines approved by the City Council in 2017 and updated at the end of May 2021. The new tram line, including the loop, is fully compliant with the spatial plan.

The tram line to Nádraží Dlouhá Míle will lead from the Dědina loop, currently being built by DPP as part of the extension of the line from Divoká Šárka, in a western direction to the Prague Ring Road. The Prague ring road crosses the line on a new bridge, the construction of which will be part of the construction of the line, and then turns in an arc onto Fajtlova. The Nádraží Dlouhá Míle station will be located in the area of ​​today’s bus stops near the Šestka shopping centre, behind which a loop interchange will be created. Design and construction work at Šestka will be carried out in coordination with the Railway Administration’s investment into the new construction of the line Prague–Ruzyně – Prague – Václav Havel Airport.

“The length of the new line, including the loop, is approximately one kilometre and there will be one pair of stops at Nádraží Dlouhá Míle Station,” added Petr Witowski, Chairman of the Board and CEO of DPP. “Our task now is to issue a tender for the designer of the line, prepare the project documentation, ensure the EIA investigation procedure, obtain a joint permit and subsequently tender the contractor of the line and the new bridge over the Prague Ring Road. We anticipate the start of construction in 2027 at the earliest. We estimate that construction costs will be around 500 million crowns, though the exact amount will be determined by a coordination study as part of project preparation.” 

Prague Plans To Build New Tram Line From Dědina to Nádraží Dlouhá Míle
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