The Brno Maker Faire and Game Access Connect will bring the centre’s ​​Pavilion A to life this weekend. Credit: Maker Faire archives.

Brno Creative Days: Czech Republic’s Biggest Creative Festival Returns This Weekend

Brno Creative Days combine the forces of three festivals into the largest creative event in the Czech Republic. Over this weekend, 21-22 October, designers, inventors, scientists and technology enthusiasts will meet at the Brno exhibition centre to show what can be achieved by combining forces from their various creative fields.

The Brno Maker Faire and Game Access Connect will bring the centre’s ​​Pavilion A to life this weekend with technological innovations and creative experiences for professionals through to families with children. Unfortunately, this year they will not be joined by the 9th annual Prototype Festival, which has been postponed due to ongoing construction works nearby. 

The event assembles technological, creative, design and game creators working in the South Moravian region, as well as the rest of the Czech Republic and abroad, for a two-day event which aims to popularise, educate and unite creatives and producers. 

Brno Maker Faire: a show of innovators and inventors

The 4th annual Brno Maker Faire, beginning as part of the Creative Days on Saturday, is aimed at all innovators, scientists and DIYers of the 21st century, with a program of experiments and workshops with modern technologies, crafts and science. Over 100 “makers”, enthusiastic creators from the Czech Republic and abroad, will be presenting at the festival, accompanied by a series of impressive installations, popular science shows and various competitions.

“Makers create an atmosphere around them that is very easy to absorb,” said Vojtěch Kolařík from the organising team. “Just be curious and let yourself be absorbed. Come create, explore, build and play. And if you haven’t stepped into the world of makers yet, you don’t have anything to fear, the Maker Faire is a festival that welcomes mistakes and failures – we want to give everyone the courage to start discovering and creating.” 

The Maker Faire is designed for all ages, public and professional, and is also a meeting place for professional communities, as startups present their prototypes and students conduct research. Meanwhile, the general public can find out about ingenious projects, attend workshops with enthusiasts, and try out everything they see for themselves.

This year’s Maker Faire features a concert by the Dutch robot band Ponytrap, as well as 3D printing, soldering, micro:bit programming and modelling workshops, robots of all possible sizes, virtual reality demos, and drawing with the help of robots from the Viennese artist Liz Melchor. 

If the weather is good on Saturday, a special one-metre helium-filled plastic balloon carrying electronics and solar panels will be launched in front of Pavilion A1, and everyone will be able to watch its journey online.

Game Access Connect ’23 – The world of game development

Running simultaneously in Hall A1 will be Game Access Connect, an event for everyone interested in game development, which offers visitors the opportunity to look into the history of the local game industry and try game projects from independent studios and enthusiasts. 

Future developers and fans can meet representatives from studios including Bohemia Interactive, Hangar 13, Madfinger Games, and Giants Software. There will also be schools which offer programmes related to game creation, such as Masaryk University, Tomáš Bata University in Zlín and the Secondary School of Art and Design. The program also includes lectures by developers, unique videos, and the premiere of a documentary film about the legendary Czech video game Vietcong.

The Brno Creative Days are supported by the City of Brno, the South Moravian Region and other partners.
You can find more information on the event website.

Brno Creative Days: Czech Republic’s Biggest Creative Festival Returns This Weekend
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