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Brno To Have New Cancer Prevention and Supportive Care Centres In 2026

The planned new centres for cancer prevention and supportive care will open at Brno’s Masaryk Institute of Oncology in 2026, PM Petr Fiala said yesterday, while attending the ceremonial launch of the project at the construction site. Fiala added that the new pavilions will save the lives of many people.

The project will cost CZK 1 billion, with CZK 826 million coming from the National Recovery Plan and the rest from the state budget.

The Masaryk Institute of Oncology is the largest such facility in the Czech Republic, treating 80,000 patients each year.

“The completion [of the two new pavilions] will provide new space for the First Contact Centre, the Clinical Evaluation Centre, the Supportive Care Center and the Education Centre,” said the Institute director Marek Svoboda.

The Education Center is to be the only one of its kind in the country, he pointed out.

The new Cancer Prevention Centre will enable the strengthening of all current cancer prevention programs, and also create capacity for new programs and clinical research in this area. With lecture rooms, the centre will involve the Oncological Institute in undergraduate and postgraduate education of professionals and the general public. The entire new infrastructure will enable the establishment of a cancer survivorship support program.

Fiala said that oncology has long been one of the priorities of the Czech state, regardless of the government. Some CZK 12 billion have been earmarked for oncology from the National Recovery Plan, he said. Last autumn, the construction of the Czech Oncological Institute started at the Motol University Hospital in Prague. The CZK 4.5 billion project is subsidised by the National Recovery Plan, with more than CZK 3.7 billion coming from EU funds.

Brno To Have New Cancer Prevention and Supportive Care Centres In 2026
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