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Czech Defence Ministry Plans To Gather Data On Potential Conscripts

The Czech Defence Ministry may soon be able to gather data on citizens who are covered by national defence duty, according to a bill it has passed to other authorities for comments.

At present, it can only take this step when the country is threatened or in a state of war. However, the Defence Ministry argues that without this knowledge it cannot be sufficiently prepared for emergency situations. Under the amendment, citizens will be able to report to the authorities to be called for urgent service in the event of a crisis.

The legislation also proposes an increase in benefits and remuneration to make it more attractive to be part of the active reserves.

The Defence Ministry wants the Chamber of Deputies to pass the amendment in its first reading, arguing that the issue is urgent. Officials say that the change in the security environment due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other threats including terrorism, migration and instability in countries close to NATO and the EU.

“It is necessary for the state to be able to react flexibly, rapidly and efficiently in the new conditions. It should be taken into account that the warning time has basically shortened,” the report on the amendment said.

If approved, the state may newly gather and process data on the citizens covered by the national defence duty before the state is threatened or a state of war is declared.

At present, the authorities may only start doing so after the recruitment process starts. The Defence Ministry says the state does not have an overview of population data and cannot prepare for emergency situations in time.

In order to acquire the data, the Defence Ministry wants to use existing databases. In practice, data on, e.g., education and driving, arms and aviation licences would be automatically entered on the register for defence duty after the person in question comes of age or gains Czech citizenship.

The Defence Ministry wants to update the data for those under 45. At present, the national defence duty covers all Czech citizens, both men and women, between 18 and 60.

It enables soldiers to be trained on state-run land and buildings.

At present, the national defence duty covers all Czech citizens, both men and women, between 18 and 60